6 August, 2015

Employee Net Promoter Score: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

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“What’s our Net Promoter Score?” Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of obsessing over our company's Net Promoter Score and subsequent attempts to find an adequate benchmark by which to compare it. And in the case of Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), it is particularly common. However, the NPS Score itself is meant to [...]

25 June, 2015

10 Examples of How You May Be Artificially Inflating Your Net Promoter Score®

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“Please fill out my survey, but only if it’s a 9 or 10.” In the world of Net Promoter surveys, there are many ways you can intentionally or unintentionally game the system to engineer a higher score. However, doing so only serves to offer a false sense of security. Besides, you want an accurate assessment [...]

28 April, 2015

Do Employees Influence Net Promoter Score?

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Many factors influence your organization’s Net Promoter Score® (NPS), such as the ease of doing business with your company, the value customers associate with your products and services, or the degree to which the service experience delivered stands apart from the competition. But one of the most important factors in attaining world-class service excellence and [...]

28 January, 2015

Cozy Up to Promoters as Part of Your Winning Strategy

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Much of the discussion coming out of the Net Promoter® community focuses on what to do with Detractors after they’ve been identified among your customer base. Intuitively, this makes sense – Detractors (the Net Promoter term for customers that answer 0 to 6 on the “Likely to recommend” question) are much more likely to defect [...]

19 February, 2014

How Calculating Your Employee Net Promoter Score® Can Help Keep Customers Loyal

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Keeping Customers Means Keeping Your Employees Engaged. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of organizations adopting Employee Net Promoter Score® or eNPS as a way to measure and improve employee satisfaction and engagement (we’ve actually blogged about this topic on several different occasions). This is great news as [...]

7 February, 2014

Net Promoter® Conference Puts Attendees on the Path to Success

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It’s always rewarding to hear people talk about how inspired they are after attending a conference. Fortunately, this was the sentiment shared at the 8th Annual Net Promoter® Customer Experience Conference, which was held in Miami last month. In fact, one of our clients in attendance was so motivated by what she heard that she [...]

21 January, 2014

Ramping up for the Net Promoter® Conference

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The countdown has begun! In just a few days, we will be in beautiful Miami Beach for the 8th Annual Net Promoter® Customer Experience Conference. This year also marks our second consecutive year of conference sponsorship. Individuals from companies of all sizes and industries will converge to share their experience adopting, fine-tuning, and advancing their Net Promoter [...]

17 December, 2013

Should You Publish Your Net Promoter Score, Part 2

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Congratulations! You’ve just received the final results of your Net Promoter Score® (NPS) survey and the results are quite good. Perhaps your NPS survey was conducted by an independent, third party, thereby ensuring the results would be perceived by others as reliable and trustworthy. Nonetheless, you probably understand how awareness of the superb service delivered [...]

19 September, 2013

Measuring Customer Loyalty with Net Promoter Score®

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How are you identifying and engaging your most satisfied customers? Many of the world’s most successful customer-centric organizations are measuring loyalty with the “Ultimate Question,” also known as Net Promoter Score® (NPS). In fact, nearly every company we work with measures this metric, along with other customer satisfaction-related key performance indicators, to achieve operational excellence. [...]

19 August, 2013

Should You Publish Your Net Promoter Score®?

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The pros and cons of making your number public, part 1 The Net Promoter® System has been adopted by thousands of companies worldwide. One of the most frequently asked questions by businesses that have implemented Net Promoter is, “Should we publish our score?” There are several factors that need to be taken into account before [...]

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