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11 October, 2017

5 Reasons An Expert Should Manage Your Customer Survey Program

By |2019-06-27T14:02:21-07:00October 11th, 2017|Categories: Customer Experience|

Running a customer survey program internally can seem deceptively simple – appoint an internal resource to manage the process, sign up for a free software tool, export your contact list, write the survey questionnaire, administer the survey, and finally...analyze the results. Is that all it really takes? Sure, there are countless how-to-guides available to help [...]

16 May, 2017

Volunteerism and its Influence on Employee Engagement

By |2019-06-27T14:02:39-07:00May 16th, 2017|Categories: Employee Engagement|

When was the last time your organization came together to volunteer? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 63 million people volunteered through or for an organization between September 2014 and 2015. This is encouraging, but it also indicates there are plenty of companies missing out on the benefits of employee volunteer programs. At Satrix [...]

4 January, 2017

Modern Day Customer Experience Lessons from a 1947 Cinema Classic

By |2019-06-27T14:02:52-07:00January 4th, 2017|Categories: Customer Experience|

If you’re like me, every holiday season you wax nostalgic about all of your favorite holiday movie classics. But if you’re also like me, you might have to admit that it’s actually been quite a long time since you’ve actually sat and fully watched any of your favorites from beginning to end. This year, however, [...]

10 May, 2016

Are Millennials in the Workplace REALLY That Different?

By |2021-09-09T12:06:22-07:00May 10th, 2016|Categories: Employee Engagement|

Much has been said about Millennials in the workplace, and unfortunately, not much of it is very good. They aren’t motivated, they complain, they aren’t loyal, they feel they should earn more - the stereotypes go on and on. But here’s an alternative theory: maybe Millennials aren’t all that different from the rest of us. [...]

13 January, 2016

To Cultivate Employee Engagement, You Must First Define It

By |2020-08-06T14:33:14-07:00January 13th, 2016|Categories: Employee Engagement|

What is Employee Engagement? Research has already established that strong employee engagement is crucial due to its relation to reducing the costs of employee churn, as well as driving strong customer loyalty. The term is commonly referenced, and the mandate to improve “employee engagement” is the call heard around global C-suites. There is often confusion, though, [...]

14 October, 2015

Survey Fatigue: Is Your Survey at Risk?

By |2020-09-02T15:05:30-07:00October 14th, 2015|Categories: Customer Satisfaction|

Are you over surveying customers? Survey fatigue threatens response rates, data quality, and your overall objectives for your survey program. Unfortunately, some drivers of fatigue are outside of your control. The prevalence of inexpensive survey tools, combined with the broader acceptance that the customer’s voice is critical for every business, has led to millions of [...]

6 August, 2015

Employee Net Promoter Score: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

By |2019-06-27T14:03:53-07:00August 6th, 2015|Categories: Net Promoter Score|Tags: , |

“What’s our Net Promoter Score?” Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of obsessing over our company's Net Promoter Score and subsequent attempts to find an adequate benchmark by which to compare it. And in the case of Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), it is particularly common. However, the NPS Score itself is meant to [...]

28 April, 2015

Why Your VoC Program Needs a Brand Identity…

By |2019-06-27T14:04:04-07:00April 28th, 2015|Categories: Customer Experience|

....And How to Go About It Congratulations! Your organization has established a disciplined Voice of Customer (VoC) program and is committed to creating customer experiences that set you apart from the competition. Your C-Level executives are setting customer-centric goals and priorities; listening posts have been established to gather critical feedback; a cross-functional team of champions is [...]

4 December, 2014

How to Avoid Being Blind-Sided by Customer Cancellations

By |2020-02-26T11:47:21-07:00December 4th, 2014|Categories: Customer Churn|Tags: |

Sucker-punched again?  Unfortunately, it happens all too frequently. From seemingly out of nowhere, that cold sting of an unexpected cancellation by a highly valued customer has left you embarrassed and asking yourself, “How did I not see this coming? I thought we had a good relationship.” As you scramble to identify the missed signs, you [...]

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