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Benefits of Feedback Programs

Establish a corporate culture that regularly incorporates customer and employee feedback into the decision making process for maximum return-on-investment.

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The insights and recommendations we deliver will help inform critical decisions within every department of your company.


Successful companies recognize that creating a business strategy that incorporates both customer and employee feedback is not only smart, it’s also profitable. These customer-centric organizations monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as loyalty, retention, referrals and share-of-wallet to maximize business performance. With good reason – research shows that customer service leaders regularly outperform the market and experience higher revenue and profit growth.


In many industries, a compelling service experience remains one of the few ways businesses can stand apart from the competition. Armed with passionate references, persuasive testimonials, and unique market insights, your sales team will win more deals and fuel revenue growth. Regular feedback on your perceived value proposition will also help inform the pitch process so it resonates with your prospects.


Collaborating with customers during every stage of the lifecycle of your products will increase adoption, satisfaction and longevity. Customer input can also help guide your product roadmap so you continually stay ahead of the competition. Using feedback programs to give your customers a voice in your development efforts establishes confidence in your commitment to listening closely to key constituents.

Customer Service

Added visibility into loyalty drivers, customer frustrations, and service gaps allows the service team to focus on improvements that create value for your customers. What’s more, feedback programs reveal customer and employee pain-points so they can be quickly confronted and eliminated. You will also gain clarity on service attributes and behaviors that drive retention and maximize customer lifetime value.


Candid feedback from your customers and prospects is perfect for validating your corporate positioning or uncovering opportunities to refine your message. The ongoing input from key constituents will ensure you are always in-tune with the evolving needs of the market. Plus, listening carefully to customers and refining your message so it continues to resonate with your target market puts you ahead of the competition.

Human Resources

Every employee has an opportunity to contribute to creating a compelling customer experience, or one that fails to deliver on your brand promise. Both customer and employee feedback provides HR with the insight needed to coach and educate employees on service-centric behaviors. Knowing what customers and employees value will also help inform your hiring practices so you can recruit people with the skills and traits consistent with the experience you aim to deliver.

Drive positive business change across your organization with insights gleaned from customer and employee feedback programs.

“The Win/Loss feedback is essential for us as we fine-tune our sales strategy.
The input and recommendations we receive enables us to adapt quickly to the fast changing environment.”

Mike Haggerty

Managing Director, Ipreo