About Us

Satrix Solutions was founded with a primary goal—position our clients to accelerate profit growth by forging stronger relationships with customers and employees.

The expert analyses and recommendations we deliver serve as a blueprint for driving operational improvements to enhance the customer experience.

We measure success by the results our clients achieve. Our approach is highly flexible and incorporates best practices obtained from our extensive experience to introduce discipline, rigor, and metrics to your customer and employee feedback efforts.

  • About Us

    As customer experience consultants, we’re committed to helping you leverage customer and employee feedback to transform the customer experience. At our core, we are experts at soliciting, analyzing, interpreting, and responding to feedback from four critical constituents – existing customers, prospective customers, former customers, and employees. As a result, our customized programs yield a significant return-on-investment, specifically, improvements in customer loyalty, referrals, and retention.

  • Our Values

    From the beginning, we have been guided by four operating principles: be passionate, deliver superior service, empower employees, and demonstrate high integrity. These fundamental values have shaped our culture and helped define who we are as a company.

  • Partners

    As the saying goes, you’re only as good as the company you keep. We’ve carefully selected strategic partnerships with some of our industry’s most respected organizations in our ongoing effort to provide meaningful customer experiences.

Satrix Solutions is a true partner in every sense.

The insights delivered has helped us gain a deep understanding of the loyalty drivers and uncover improvement opportunities in our client relationships. They have undoubtedly helped accelerate the growth we have experienced, thanks to more referrals and higher new business win rates."

Marc Greene

Managing Director, Ipreo