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Success Stories

Service Excellence is a Key Differentiator for ShotSpotter

Reputation for trust and transparency leads the technology provider to experience steady growth and strong customer retention.

Client-focused Reputation Brands POP an Industry Leader

A 40-point increase in POP’s Net Promoter Score® proves that a company-wide commitment to improve satisfaction and elevate its client-centric culture can pay off.

Strong Customer Relationships Helps Ipreo Outshine the Competition

Learn how strong customer relationships, coupled with Satrix Solutions' best practice approach, helps Ipreo outshine the competition. Ipreo ranks among the world’s most successful client-centric organizations with impressive customer performance metrics.

Covario's Commitment to Client Satisfaction Results in Strong Retention and Customer Loyalty

Discover how Satrix Solutions helped to increase Covario’s Net Promoter Score® significantly over a two-year period.

Our Point of View

How Are You Calculating Your Net Promoter Score?

Evan Klein writes for Satmetrix on three different methodologies commonly used for calculating Net Promoter Score, and weighs in on the one he thinks delivers the greatest degree of accuracy and reliability.

Leveraging Customer Feedback to Inform a Multi-tier Customer Success Strategy

Evan Klein shares with Bluenose why SaaS companies must take customer feedback into account when formulating a multi-tier Customer Success strategy.

Develop a Successful Customer-Centric Workforce

At the heart of every customer-centric organization are its people. Evan Klein shares his thoughts with 1to1 Media on the behavioral attributes required of your people to create a true customer-centric culture.

Utilize Customer Feedback to Drive Sales

Detailed customer insights are a veritable treasure trove of valuable information for your company. We show you how to influence prospects by leveraging customer satisfaction programs.

The Employee’s Role in a Best-in-Class Service Organization

Every member of the team has an opportunity to contribute to creating a compelling customer experience, or one that fails to deliver on your brand promise.

Six Valuable Insights For Improving Sales Close Rates

Business leaders are constantly seeking opportunities to increase sales effectiveness or learn how to better convey their value proposition. Discover how a Sales Win/Loss Analysis can help transform your sales organization.

Three Considerations Before You Compensate Employees Based on Net Promoter Score

The debate on financially rewarding employees based on survey responses is nothing new. We share three ways to ensure your Net Promoter Survey incentive program will flourish.

Customer Advisory Boards: A Unique Opportunity to Listen

Gathering customer feedback can be accomplished in many different ways. We share how a Customer Advisory Board can enhance the customer experience.

Capitializing on Your Net Promoters

We share three simple ways you can channel brand evangelists to improve the bottom line.

5 Customer Metrics Every Company Should Track

Evan Klein of Satrix Solutions shares his expert opinion with 1to1 Media on the important customer metrics that are strongly correlated with financial performance.


#CSSummit17 Presentation: Why Customer Success Without Cultural Adoption = Failure

In this session, Evan Klein of voice of customer and employee engagement consulting firm, Satrix Solutions, reviews proven strategies for reinforcing your company’s customer success culture to get everyone rowing in the same direction.

Strengthen Your Service Culture and Reap the Business Benefits

A strong service culture doesn't just happen. It's something you cultivate and actively manage, just as you would with any other initiative at your company.

How Net Promoter Builds a Culture and Drives Growth

Evan Klein speaks to Customer Success professionals on how to maximize the impact of NPS.

How to Conduct a Successful Survey Campaign as Part of Customer Success

Satrix Solutions founder and president, Evan Klein, shares best practices for conducting a successful survey campaign at the Pulse Customer Success Conference in San Francisco.

Reshape Your Net Promoter Program

Learn how TriNet used lessons learned to effectively raise the bar with closing the loop, reporting, segmentation, and employee accountability.

A Five-Year Net Promoter Journey

Discover how Covario successfully created a Net Promoter culture through hiring, training, incentives, internal branding, business development and communication – all of which has led to strong growth.

Satrix Solutions is a true partner in every sense.

The insights delivered has helped us gain a deep understanding of the loyalty drivers and uncover improvement opportunities in our client relationships. They have undoubtedly helped accelerate the growth we have experienced, thanks to more referrals and higher new business win rates."

Marc Greene

Managing Director, Ipreo