Our Methodology

Flawless execution is the focus as we embark on designing and launching your customer and employee feedback programs, utilizing best practices and avoiding common pitfalls.

Simple yet comprehensive in approach, our methodology ensures your company attains maximum value from its customer and employee feedback efforts.

  • The Satrix Solutions Difference

    Each engagement begins with us becoming familiar with your business, including challenges and existing processes.

    This knowledge is used to determine the right combination of feedback programs for your organization. We design and launch each program leveraging the wide-ranging experience of our team to analyze and interpret your customer and employee feedback data, without bias.

    Throughout the process, we work closely with your team to define and track the appropriate metrics and deliver detailed recommendation reports that are both informative and actionable.

    Our feedback programs span the entire customer journey and are strategically designed to have a positive influence on all areas of your business - from culture to operations to revenue to employees.

    The end result is a corporate culture centered around customer-centricity, where the actions taken and decisions made are in accordance with the customers’ best interests.

The Win/Loss feedback is essential for us as we fine-tune our sales strategy.

The input and recommendations we receive enables us to adapt quickly to the fast changing environment."

Mike Haggerty

Managing Director, Ipreo