Customer Experience Speakers

The conference agenda is set. Promotion has begun. Sponsors are trickling in. What’s next? Hiring Customer Experience Speakers who will arm your audience with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions that positively impact their bottom line.

Look no further than Evan Klein – your ultimate resource for customer experience and employee engagement best practices.

“Evan is professional, timely, easy to work with, and an expert in his field.”

  • Meet Evan Klein - The Authority on Customer Experience

    The power of the customer’s voice is unquestionable these days. With more ways than ever for customers to tell their stories, companies need to ensure they are fostering a culture where the commitment to a unified customer experience is undeniable. That’s where Evan specializes.

    An expert at helping companies accelerate revenue growth by enhancing the customer experience and improving employee engagement, Evan has amassed a reputation both on and off the stage as a champion for voice-of-customer driven change. His passion and enthusiasm for sharing the lessons learned during his twenty-year career ensures audiences walk away with actionable information that is easily translated into process improvement initiatives.

    Learn more about Evan by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

  • What Evan Enjoys Speaking About

    Audiences of all sizes repeatedly applaud Evan’s entertaining yet pragmatic approach. Topics he covers as a customer experience speaker include:

    • Elevating Customer Success Management

    • Guiding Improvements with Effective Customer Experience Strategies

    • Eliciting Actionable Insights from Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    • Fueling Growth with Net Promoter Score

    • Creating Strong Company Cultures with Employee Engagement Initiatives

    • Maximizing Retention with Employee Net Promoter Score, and more.

  • Where You May Have Seen Evan Recently

    • SIIA Software & Services Deciphering Series (2017)
    • Customer Success Summit (2017)
    • Customer Success Summit (2016)
    • Digital Summit Phoenix (2016)
    • SEMPO Member Forum (2016)
    • Net Promoter Customer Passion Conference (2015)
    • Customer SuccessCon East (2015)
    • Customer Success Summit (2015)
    • Pulse Customer Success Conference (2015)
    • Phoenix Business Marketing Association (2015)

    Evan’s schedule tends to book early in advance. To ensure he is available to “wow” attendees at your next event, please contact us today.

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Rick Clancy

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