Modern Day Customer Experience Lessons from a 1947 Cinema Classic

If you’re like me, every holiday season you wax nostalgic about all of your favorite holiday movie classics. But if you’re also like me, you might have to admit that it’s actually been quite a long time since you’ve actually sat and fully watched any of your favorites from beginning to end. This year, however, … Read More


Strengthening Your Service Culture (Part One)

We are big believers that strengthening your service culture is an important component for a successful customer experience program. That’s why we recently hosted a Leadership Lunch with Phoenix-area business leaders to discuss this very topic. Take a look at your competitors’ websites (maybe even your own). I bet most express their love for customers and … Read More


Is Your Company Heading for an Iceberg?

The stress of dealing with unhappy customers – it’s something we all experience at some point. Some of the implications of this problem are obvious. Maybe you or members of your team are the recipient of direct (and possibly not so pleasant) feedback. Often times, financial resources are allocated to try to address the situation. … Read More


How to Improve the Customer Experience

3 Rules for Exceeding Customer Expectations Here’s a not so secret fact: customer experience leaders outperform competitors and are often rewarded with higher retention levels, greater share of wallet, and lower customer acquisition costs. Bottom line – customer experience leaders are more profitable! While the good news is we are seeing more companies embrace a … Read More


Read Any Good Books Lately?

Get inspired with our top 5 “must reads” that will take your customer and employee feedback programs to the next level. As I’m sure you would agree, staying at the forefront of your industry is important. One way we are accomplishing this at Satrix Solutions is with a company-wide book club. Topics range from understanding … Read More


Five Employee Engagement Tips

Planning A Customer Satisfaction Initiative? Don’t Forget These 5 Employee Engagement Tips. When organizations first look to increase customer satisfaction, many jump immediately to new technology or new tools to increase customer lifetime values and return on investment. In doing so, organizations skip one of the most important steps in the process of improving customer … Read More


Responsive Customer Service

Working for an organization that prides itself on an ability to bring unique and actionable insights to our own growing list of business-to-business clients, I’m very attuned to my own interactions with other service providers and my customer experience. For a long time I’ve done what most people with work laptops do – type using … Read More


Linking Employee Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty

Happy Employees Can Help Drive Profitability Achieving true customer centricity requires participation from employees across the organization. Customer interactions don’t occur just with customer service personnel.  “Touch points” take place throughout the customer lifecycle and likely involve staff in nearly every department. It may be someone in your finance department answering a question about an … Read More


The Importance of Memorable Customer Experiences

This past December a member of my family unexpectedly required a hospital stay. While visiting our relative, my sister mistakenly left her purse, along with her wallet, inside the ladies public restroom. Soon realizing her error she returned to find her purse still there. Her relief was soon gone when she realized her bankcards and … Read More