Getting Specific with Customer Satisfaction Survey Response Scales

All of us are familiar with the basic construction of survey response scales, even if we’re not aware that we are. They are prevalent in the customer satisfaction surveys we know so well these days, thanks (in part) to so many companies recognizing the power customers have today, and the desire to serve them better. … Read More


Survey Fatigue: Is Your Survey at Risk?

Just like ghosts and goblins on Halloween, survey fatigue is a scary notion. It threatens response rates, data quality, and your overall objectives for your survey program. Unfortunately, some drivers of fatigue are outside of your control. The prevalence of inexpensive survey tools, combined with the broader acceptance that the customer’s voice is critical for … Read More


Surveys: Understanding Audience Characteristics

Why You Should Adapt Your Survey There are a multitude of considerations one must take into account when planning a survey. Are you seeking feedback from customers that maintain consistent interactions with your company? What about former customers or potential customers? Will the feedback be used to isolate customer improvement opportunities? Are you hoping to … Read More


Survey Data: Understanding Margin of Error, The “Gold Standard”, Confidence Level, and Data Segmentation

Survey Data Collection One of the most important requirements for generating reliable insights from survey data is a satisfactory sample size. Without a large enough sample size (relative to the total population that we’re surveying), we risk generating data that is unrepresentative of our customers. Ultimately, this can hinder our ability to elicit meaningful insights … Read More


Transforming our Analytics and Reporting

Those who know me understand that I’ve always had a passion for data, both quantitative and qualitative. This has grown into an interest in discovering new ways to draw out reliable and actionable insights to better help our clients succeed in their customer and employee experience initiatives. With Satrix Solutions’ strong growth and professional guidance … Read More