16 May, 2017

Volunteerism and its Influence on Employee Engagement

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When was the last time your organization came together to volunteer? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 63 million people volunteered through or for an organization between September 2014 and 2015. This is encouraging, but it also indicates there are plenty of companies missing out on the benefits of employee volunteer programs. At Satrix [...]

24 April, 2017

How to Mature Your Customer-Centric Culture

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One of the essential elements for maturing a customer-centric culture within an organization is empowering employees to proactively seek out and address customers’ needs. This makes it critical to develop employee behavior with a customer-centric focus. Doing so will encourage employees to be responsible and accountable for their workplace performance. The story I’m about to [...]

3 April, 2017

Interdepartmental Communication and Its Impact on Customers

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Take a moment to think about the various roles within in your organization. What are the primary responsibilities of each individual department? More importantly, is everyone rowing in the same direction (customer-facing role or not) when it comes to working together to do what’s best for your customers? Businesses large and small often struggle with [...]

13 September, 2016

Strengthening Your Service Culture (Part One)

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We are big believers that strengthening your service culture is an important component for a successful customer experience program. That’s why we recently hosted a Leadership Lunch with Phoenix-area business leaders to discuss this very topic. Take a look at your competitors’ websites (maybe even your own). I bet most express their love for customers and [...]

16 March, 2016

Why Your Company Needs a Voice-of-Employee Program

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"Many companies continue to delay adoption of a Voice-of-Employee program. Why?" From encouraging two-way communication between employees and supervisors to increasing trust and confidence in leadership to uncovering specific actions that can increase retention of key talent, a Voice-of-Employee program can offer many advantages. Furthermore, a Voice-of-Employee program can deliver tangible value for the organization [...]

13 January, 2016

To Cultivate Employee Engagement, You Must First Define It

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What is Employee Engagement? Research has already established that strong employee engagement is crucial due to its relation to reducing the costs of employee churn, as well as driving strong customer loyalty. The term is commonly referenced, and the mandate to improve “employee engagement” is the call heard around global C-suites. There is often confusion, though, [...]

6 August, 2015

Employee Net Promoter Score: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

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“What’s our Net Promoter Score?” Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of obsessing over our company's Net Promoter Score and subsequent attempts to find an adequate benchmark by which to compare it. And in the case of Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), it is particularly common. However, the NPS Score itself is meant to [...]

17 September, 2014

All Aboard! It’s Time to Get Employees on the Customer-Centricity Train.

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3 Tips for Cultivating Customer-Centric Behaviors Across the Organization Embracing a customer-first mindset across the organization is certainly a wise business strategy. But building a thriving customer-centric culture doesn’t happen overnight. Who will lead the effort? What are the goals and objectives of this long-term initiative? Does leadership share the same vision? Will employees be [...]