6 June, 2017

Fireside Chat: The Customer Success Organization

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As the person leading the Customer Success organization, you’re responsible for ensuring the customer is achieving maximum value from your products and services. Every day, you’re watching for signals that a customer is at risk for defection, or overseeing renewals, performing Quarterly Business Reviews, and much more. Some of you may even be asked to [...]

4 October, 2016

Fireside Chats: Betts Recruiting

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Click to download Satrix Solutions' Customer Success Industry Trends Report Check the latest job boards and you'll see that the need for customer success professionals is rapidly increasing. That's where Betts Recruiting comes in. Betts is a global recruitment firm specializing in recruiting revenue-generating talent such as Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success for innovative companies in tech, [...]

21 May, 2014

Customer Success Industry on the Rise

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Pulse Conference Shows More Companies Are Focusing on Customer Success  What do you get when you bring together 900 B2B customer success enthusiasts in San Francisco? The 2nd Annual Pulse Conference, also known as #PulseConf2014! Watch the three minute recap here. This is one of my favorite conferences to date simply because of the massive [...]