31 July, 2017

How to Create Customer Advisory Boards That Deliver Value

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If you’ve been following our blog series on Customer Advisory Board (CAB) best practices, you’ve seen that we’ve covered a wide range of topics. This includes tips for making your first a CAB a success, how to compel key customers to join your CAB, and establishing the meeting agenda. But there are still a few [...]

28 June, 2017

Setting the Customer Advisory Board Meeting Agenda

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Customer Advisory Boards, also known as a CAB, can be an ideal way to engage some of your most valued customers in worthwhile, strategic discussions. That’s because the input elicited is helpful in guiding important decisions for your company – decisions that lead to stronger customer relationships and increased revenue. But this is only true [...]

22 February, 2017

The Customer Advisory Board Invitation Letter

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Establishing a customer advisory board requires thoughtful consideration and comes with multiple steps. If you have the requisite buy-in and you’ve been deliberate about selecting your initial Customer Advisory Board (CAB) members, it’s time to compel your chosen customer contacts to participate. This will usually take the form of a phone call or in-person meeting [...]

20 June, 2016

Make Your First Customer Advisory Board Meeting a Success

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and institute a Customer Advisory Board (CAB). You’ve talked to peers and you are convinced that a CAB program will drive significant return on investment. Now it’s time to get to work planning your first Customer Advisory Board meeting. But, where do you begin? The list of requirements [...]

26 March, 2014

Five Ways to Build a Thriving Customer Advisory Board

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Customer advisory boards - also known as client advisory councils - provide an ideal opportunity for you and your business leaders to gather insights on a range of issues affecting the customer experience. It also gives you a chance to test new ideas, which can then guide the strategic direction of your organization. Another important [...]

8 February, 2013

Customer Advisory Boards – A Unique Opportunity to Listen

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Gathering customer feedback can be accomplished in many different ways. With the plethora of online tools now available, customer surveys are fairly ubiquitous. Text mining technology to engage with customers in the social media realm is becoming more popular, particularly for consumer-oriented businesses. Although somewhat less common, one-on-one interviews can uncover valuable insights, which typically [...]